Tap into your imagination to access your inner wisdom!
Is there:

A conflict you’ve like deeper insight into?

An issue that you’re confused about?

A pain you’d like to understand better?

A problem you’d like to be resolved?

Let’s go deeper:

Let’s tune into our imagination to understand ourselves.

Let’s allow our unconscious to speak to us in the language of symbols, images, and art

Let’s unleash our creative forces to resolve, and gain insight into our soul’s growth.

The Juicy Details
What: Join us for a 1.5 Visual Journaling workshop. 

Why: To go beyond the rational mind, and attune to the magic within. 
When: Sunday 12th February 
Time: 3pm UK, 10am EST

Where: On zoom in the comfort of your own home
What is required?
ZERO artistic talent

Just bring paper and crayons/coloured pencils.
Why am I running this?
In my Restore membership, I offered different choices for our next workshop - and this is what they chose. I thought I’d offer it to others to join us in discovering the power of the imagination to support our growth. 
So often in our healing journey we get blocked or stuck. We can’t find our way forward. For those who’ve had trauma or adversity, you may feel frozen or blocked - like the mind is turned off. Doing Visual Journaling helps us to go beyond the rational mind and access the imagination in day dreams. 
For the last 3 or 4 months, I’ve been on an Image Riding Course by Doug Lipman and Steffani Raff. I LOVED tuning into the wisdom of our souls. I found it fascinating to unravel blocks to issues that I’ve been gnawing on.
Who am I?
Hi, I’m Zariya Lufu! (Waves) 

 I did my Psychology degree straight after school, and became a counsellor. I worked in an East London school - seeing a flood of students in group and individual sessions. I came to see that if I would work with parents to co-regulate and gain the skills they didn’t have, the kids would have more opportunity to thrive. 

 Since then, I have continued my hyperfixation on regulation, empathy, emotions, communication, healing from trauma, and deep self love. Having been bullied and scapegoated for being different, I’ve been on a lifelong journey of healing. I’ve been diagnosed with (PDA) autism and awaiting my ADHD assessment. 
I utterly love doing Attachment Therapy and Brainspotting in individual sessions to support folk with healing. I also run online workshops and training sharing my latest deep dive into aspects of healing. These are first shared into my beloved Restore Membership - a safe haven for folk who had abuse or adversity, parents with addiction or felt unloved, or who’re neurodivergent and feel different.
This time I’m opening the doors for you to join us!

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  • Too busy?
    I get it! Life is hectic right now. It’s totally worth signing up and giving yourself a dose of self love. Remember: rather than giving from empty, fill yourself up so you can give from overflow. Often we have niggles and upsets that drain our energy - this workshop will help you can relief and inner support.
  • How long is the workshop?
    It’ll be about 1.5 hours Live. The Recording will be less as I only upload my insights.
  • Will it be recorded?
    Only the times I speak and respond are recorded. This is to protect the privacy of clients.
  • Is it time to give yourself some “me time”?
    So often we prioritize others, and forget about ourselves.

    Come and be surprised and delighted by your inner wisdom.
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If you're able, please pop in extra to sponsor those who're going through a rough time. 

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Toxic Childhood Recovery Journey

60 minute online training exploring:
Why you aren’t healed yet so you stop making yourself wrong 
  The impact of adversity so you know you aren’t bad 
  The core essential skills you need to honour yourself 
  Unshaming yourself so you can take the next step

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