Why is it so hard to heal from a toxic childhood?

Are you finding it challenging?
The self healing journey can feel really lonely and hard. 
 There are land mines and confusions. 
 You may have tried talk therapy and feel like nothing’s changed. 
Or tried to ignore the past and just get on with life.
Why haven’t things healed yet?
Often talk therapy helps you UNDERSTAND the dynamics 
This is important - they you are aware of the dynamics But it doesn’t always give you the skills to healing 
And how to feel safe in your body
How can I help?

I’d like to share with you what I found helpful in my journey… 

And the journey of hundreds of clients I’ve worked with. 
When? Saturday, 29th October 
Time? 8pm UK, 3pm EST, Noon PST (8am NZ on 30th)
Let’s zoom together. It'll be recorded for those that can't attend this time.  
In this 60-90 minute online
training you’ll understand:

Why you aren’t healed yet so you stop making yourself wrong

The impact of adversity so you know you aren’t bad

The core essential skills you need to honour yourself

Unshaming yourself so you can take the next step

What’s a training with Zariya like?

I always felt I’d had nothing big in my childhood, but just felt different. Zariya’s work has helped me to understand emotional neglect and abuse. My parents never cared for what I felt. No wonder I felt so empty. Now I have the tools to meet myself.


Just one hour of the workshop with Zariya was more helpful than the ten years of therapy I’ve done. Finally I understand myself. Thank you!

Why am I running this?
Hi, I’m Zariya Lufu.

I remember going to talk therapy with a brilliant therapist. I felt it’d heal me fast. It does for some people (I’m only slightly jealous!). But for me that wasn’t the case. 

 So I went on a mission to study anything that could help me and others who had adversity in childhood. While I have a degree in Psychology, and Masters in Integral Theory. Plus trained as an Attachment Family Focused therapist, Brainspotting and Bodyspotting for Trauma, THeraplay, Exposure Therapy and in some Psychodrama… NONE of that is as important as the childhood I had and the individual therapy I did. 

 I’ve gone through physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse and neglect. I’ve been bullied for being different (AuDHD). I’ve been raped as an adult and sexually molested as a child. I’ve had Complex PTSD and been on a deep process of restoring love. 

 In my healing I’ve done talk therapy, Psychodrama, (CBT - didn’t help at all and was just annoying), attachment therapy, IFS, EMDR, Brainspotting, TRE, Somatic therapy… And along the way I’ve seen what helped me. 

 I’d love an hour or so of your time to share the core insights that really helped me.
Now I’d love to support
YOU too

Is this for you?

This is for you if you say YES to any of these:

You've tried talk therapy and you want skills to love

You've never had therapy and don't understand why you're like you are

You feel different and yearn to be met and understood

You felt your childhood wasn't THAT bad and don't know why you struggle

You had trauma and it's too hard and overwhelming to look at

You've got anxiety or CPTSD from childhood and struggling to stabilise

This is NOT for you if you say YES to:

You think the past is the past and people shouldn't bring it up

You feel everyone should be happy and nice

You are racist, homophobic, transphobic or hate neurodivergent people.

You are closed to new ways of being and relating to yourself

You're waiting to be fixed or healed and expect someone else to change you

You think children should hit or seen and not heard.

  • Do I need to be on video?
    No! You can turn off your video, and only type in the chat
  • Will you be recording it?
    Yes! If you can’t be there, I’ll send out the recording
  • Is it private?
    It will be recorded, and the replay shared with people who can’t attend the call. Please change your zoom name to keep your identity confidential .
  • What does it Cost?
    It’s a “pay what you like” training with a minimum of £2.22 to pay for the team and tech costs.
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Pay what feels right.
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