Have you found yourself struggling to manage your emotions, thoughts, or behaviors?

Do you find yourself behaving impulsively, making decisions you regret, or feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety?

Do you react to big feelings in relationships by lashing out, avoiding conflict, or becoming shut down because it’s all too much?

Many of us who had emotional neglect, trauma or are neurodivergent struggle to self-regulate.

 It makes sense. There are such extreme feelings, nervous system deregulation, and ramaging thoughts to be able to cope.

Folk who had emotional neglect and trauma can:

Struggle with intrusive thoughts

Be Whacked by Feeling Memories

Feel jittery, nervous and tense expecting something bad to happen

Numb out to avoid big feelings

Gaslight themselves and make themselves wrong for what they’re feeling

Those of us who’re Neurodivergent can get:

Overwhelmed from sensory stimulation

Edgy without enough sensory input

Overfunction to reduce anxiety and avoid rejection leading to burnout

Hit with a melt down without noticing they were triggered due to alyxethymia

Shut down because they can’t cope

This can lead to all sorts of struggles that impact life. Which one do you struggle with?

Impulsivity and poor decision-making - making choices that don’t align with values and goals (like over spending on things we won’t use or risky behaviours)

Addiction: folk who struggle to regulate tend to be more vulnerable to addictive behaviours. The addictions help folk to numb out feelings and cope. Whether it’s emotional eating, drugs, toxic people, shopping, sugar, etc that uplifts for a moment.

Relationship problems - when we struggle to regulate emotions, we react and can’t communicate healthily or set boundaries in an honouring way

Mental Health DIfficulties: struggles in managing anxiety, depression, mood issues - which lead to greater tension and inability to cope with life’s challenges.

Burnout: extreme fatigue, loss of skills, inability to engage, and struggling to function

Emotional regulation is a KEY to support you with all of these.

Research has shown that when people are taught emotional regulation, they’re more able to:

Calm, be present and enjoy life

To manage impulsivity and reduce self harm and addiction

Improve physical health by reducing IBS, heart disease, and pain

Face conflict, co-regulate in relationships and deep empathy and care

Tap into creativity and come up with new ideas and solutions

Stabilise their mental health, have less anxiety and depression and enjoy more well being

Join me on to gain Self Regulation Skills
Date to be confirmed - in June

Together let’s gain the skills to:

Understand your capacity so you’re kinder to yourself

Become attuned to you, so you’re able to catch emotional whispers before they become BIG feelings that overwhelm

Regulate so you can settle your heart, ease tension, and calm your energy

Get Safe so you’re able to respond rather than react

Shift your inner voice so you can meet your needs rather than shame yourself

It would be a delight to offer you this opportunity to gain understanding, and the skills to regulate.

A little about me

I’m Zariya Lufu. I live with my two teens in the countryside in Sussex England. 

 I grew up in a dysfunctional family. Where issues were hidden, secrets were shamed, and toxic behaviour wasn't addressed. 

 I remember sitting back, stepping outside, and watching in amazement that dynamics weren't dealt with. 

 This Bingo will help you to identify some of the behaviours in a dysfunctional family.


  • How is the Workshop Run?
    It will be a ZOOM workshop on 21st May 8pm UK, 3pm EST
  • How much time does the workshop take a day?
    The Live Recording will be 60-90 minutes. Though I have timeblindness - and tend to run over... After it's recording, we will make the training into 10 minutes long that you can do in your own time.
  • We will have access to the recordings afterwards?
    You will have access for as long as I'm in business.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Only within the next 14 days.

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