Restoring Love 365
Have you yearned for love, care, and
support in your life?

Have you wished to find a space where you belong,  feel met, are encouraged, and given the supportive tools to create secure attachment and emotional well being?

I'm glad you've found us...  You're home! 

Restoring Love 365 is a transformational year-long investment into YOU.  

You'll be supported and encouraged by others in the self healing community to gain safety, self love and healing. 

Gain powerful practices so you can:

Get SAFE and SECURE so you can CALM YOU (and can engage with others in a more connected and honouring way)

End self criticism and self loathing, and grow a deeply supportive, EMPOWERING and ENCOURAGING inner voice 

Grow RESILIENCE to bounce back and become the CHOOSER in your life so you create you DREAMS

Gift yourself the tools and understanding to communicate your needs so there's goodness, honouring and care in your relationships

Rewire yourself to knowing YOU MATTER so you quit People Pleasing, Overfunctioning and Busy-ness - and forge a life that makes you want to get out of bed for!

Belong to an online Family who GETS you:

 There's a special shaped space for you! 

Restore is a safe space to land.  The members are called "The Lufu Crew" (Lufu means Love). We're an online family of kind souls who give everyone in the group understanding, support, co-regulation, encouragement and care for whatever you're going through.  

This chance to be part of an Self Healing Community around the world to support you each day is priceless.  

"I was scared to join as I was always the new girl. But I was accepted straight away. I'm so glad I leapt in and signed up for Restore. We have a laugh in the, and are there for each other through thick and thin. It's transformed everything for me: In 3 years since I joined Restore, I've gone from discombobulated to creating my dreams. I learnt to choose me. I've left a toxic job and my marriage where my husbands needs came first. I've gone on holidays of my dreams, moved home and in a relationship where we deal with issues together as a team."


"I was worried I wouldn't fit in due to cross-cultural issues, but I was welcomed and accepted. 

 I struggled with Post Partum Depression, anger, resentment and feeling a failure. 

 Thanks to the program I'm kinder, I understand where my triggers come from and how to heal. 

 I now enjoy and kids - we laugh and play as I imaged a family would."

This online self healing community is an honouring and welcoming space.

All cultures and races welcome - it's an anti-racist space where sharing of the impact of racism is welcome

It's a LGBTQIA+ welcoming space for ALL women. 

Neurodiversity welcome (I am in the process of being diagnosed with autism and ADHD, many others in the group are neuro-divergent).  

All faiths and no faiths welcome - with a rule of no religious imposition. We don't share "I'm praying for you!" or "God has a plan!" We empathise and relate human to human without directing people to religion. 

Disabilities welcome - we have people with long covid, chronic fatigue, Lyme's disease.  It's set up to work at your pace, with the energy you have.  It's a loving space for you to be met. 

What's included in one year of Restoring Love 365?

Monthly Coaching to for focused support (£684)

Monthly Love In Action Sessions for implementing the Love into your Life (£684)

Bimonthly trainings (worth £462)

Overcome Emotional Abuse Program Recordings (worth £297)

Choose You Workshop each January (£77)

Restore Discount on individual Brainspotting sessions

Restore Discount on additional workshops and trainings

You get ALL this - worth £2204 - for an investment that's right for you. See below for the Restoring Love Sliding Scale.

How has it changed lives for others?

"Prior to Restore, I struggled with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I lacked clarity and felt stuck. I vacillated between freeze mode or a high-anxiety panic mode. I struggled immensely with even the most basic thing.

Learning the tools to get safe and empathize with myself has made a huge difference. It has allowed me to process my own emotions and fill myself up instead of relying on others or numbing out to cope. I function much better now and have more energy and less self-doubt."


"I was really anxious and really completely blocked, unable to function when I started. I was so reactive. You taught me was how to get safe, set boundaries and prioritise my needs. I'm kinder and more responsive. My husband and my kids say I've become more playful and happier."


This is probably the most important thing I've ever, ever done. I had given up on myself and was scared to sign up and not do anything. But I just knew I had to change my life. I showed up for me, committed to myself and showed myself I matter. It's working. I've stopped attacking myself and become supportive of myself.  


I'm so glad I trusted my intuition to sign up. It's been life changing. It's changed me: I am more able to be patient, to be kinder, to be calmer towards myself and to others as well.

Wondering if Restoring Love 365 for you?

Have you got a loving family, but they just don't know how to deal with feelings so you feel unmet? 

Are you the family scapegoat and not felt loved?

Have you been scared of therapy but you want the skills to deal with the past, calm big feelings and grow secure healthy love?

Do you have therapy, but want support between sessions? 

Do you feel discombobulated  - like you put everyone else first, and people don't consider your needs?

Have you felt broken, and want something to weave golden care into you? 

Has tradition therapy not helped with your trauma, and you need the love skills to change how you respond to yourself? 

If you answered YES to any of the above, we'd love you with us!

Sign up Below to continue you Self Love Journey.
Why did I create Restore?
There is so much research that says that being in therapy groups with others that had similar experiences is healing, improves life experience, deepens friendship, and makes people more fulfilled. 
In my healing journey from a buffet of abuse and bullying, I felt so alone. I felt weird and different. So I created this for me, and others who had neurodiversity, dysfunctional or addictive parents, or had trauma, or felt unloved. So the inner child had a space to be loved! Where we could navigate life without emotionally engaged support. 
I wanted a space we people like us could share and be cared for. Where we wouldn’t be dismissed, denied or gaslighted. Somewhere we didn’t need to explain or justify the complex feelings we have to our parents and siblings. Where we just felt like others GOT US. 
Restore is the online family where we can heal, grow and blossom together. Where we’re accepted for who we are - and never have to over function or people please. Where we’re just loved as we practice the skills to healthy relating that we never had in childhood.
Who am I?
I’m Zariya Lufu. I’ve got two neurodivergent teens. We live in the countryside in Sussex England. 
I’m passionate about supporting folk who had adversity, are neurodiverse or who grew up in an emotionally empty home - and felt unmet. 
I’ve studied loads (Psychology, Masters in Integral Theory, Psychodrama, Attachment Therapy, Singles and Couples coaching, Business Coaching, Theraplay, Parenting Coaching) so that I can guide and support you in our group sessions with whatever issues arise.

What investment is right for you?

Restoring Love Sliding Scale Options 


Please pick which sliding scale option most applies to you. I trust you to be honest with yourself and value me. 


This sliding scale has been created to address the financial struggle many are facing. We live in a society where some jobs are not valued financially, while others are overcompensated. With the energy, food and housing crisis this has impacted folk who most need support. Many who've had abuse have disability and health struggles so aren't able to work full time or at all. Having a sliding scale creates some fairness and opportunity for everyone regardless of income.

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    For the annual option there's a 14 day refund period.

    For the monthly option there is no refunds. Though you can cancel anytime before the next payment.
  • Do I get life time access?
    The Restore Membership is like Netflix. You have access while you're a member.

    If you pay for the annual program, you get lifetime access to the latest Overcome Emotional Abuse Program Hub only.

    If you pay monthly, you need to have paid for 7 months to gain lifetime access to the latest Overcome Emotional Abuse Program Hub.

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